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Smart watches how they work

Smart Watches: How They Work Contrary to popular belief, it is not difficult to understand how smart watches work. The backend, or «brain» of the watches are powered by Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT), a technology introduced by Microsoft in 2002. Like television or radio, the content is transmitted through FM broadcasting. By combining these […]

Digital satellite tv brings brighter picture

Digital Satellite TV Brings Brighter Picture The prospect of digital technology for television signals has been around awhile and is what enables video recorders to be used without video tape. By using digital satellite TV signals, the picture quality is as close to high definition as can be obtained with less than three LNB inputs […]

Spy cameras with several different types of spy cams now available use one to make your environment

Spy Cameras — With Several Different Types of Spy Cams Now Available Use One to Make Your Environment Safe and Secure Spy cameras are not just about ingenious devices that are hidden in toys, picture frames and other inert items around the home or office. Of late, you in no way can be very cautious. […]

How can a reliable network improve company communication

How Can a Reliable Network Improve Company Communication In order to successfully run a business of any size, you need to have dependable and efficient communication. Today, this is most commonly done by telephone, mobile phone, smartphone (such as the iPhone), fax, computer, and VoIP. As a result of the huge developments in technology, information […]

Digital signage solutions help improve hotel employee productivity

Digital Signage Solutions Help Improve Hotel Employee Productivity Hotels typically lag behind other industries in terms of technology spending. Capital investment is directed toward adding better amenities or renovating the property in efforts to remain competitive or drive occupancy and ADR. Tech spending is on the rise, however, and one emerging area is digital signage. […]