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Crime battling computer systems and databases

Crime Battling Computer Systems and Databases As crime globalizes, so does crime fighting. Mobsters, serial killers, and terrorists cross state lines and borders effortlessly, making use of the latest advances in mass media, public transportation, telecommunications, and computer networks. The police — there are 16,000 law enforcement agencies in the Unites States alone — is […]

Transmitting voice over a t connection

Transmitting Voice over A T1 Connection T1 connections are basically high speed data and voice connections. When you subscribe for a T1 connection the service provider lays optic fiber cables at your premises and you get a dedicated connection to the server of the internet service provider.A conventional telephone line converts the voice of the […]

Why choose a ventrilo server

Why Choose a Ventrilo Server? Interested in finding out more about Ventrilo servers?  Ventrilo VoIP is an incredibly useful application, and it’s good both for online gaming and a number of other uses, too.  Here are some of the most popular things a Ventrilo server can be used for.Gamers are the biggest audience for Ventrilo, […]

How does voice and video messaging work

How Does Voice and Video Messaging Work? With the remarkable advancements in technology, consumers and businesses are now provided with a variety of new methods of communication. No longer are the days of using only land line telephones to communicate. We now have sophisticated communication systems that allow us to contact people any time and […]

Advantages and disadvantages of voip

Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP When you are in a country to appreciate both the benefits and drawbacks of VOIP, you can discover that there’s a fair quantity of information out there. Voice over IP is something that has proved itself to be useful in many different regards, but it is some distance from the […]