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Burning your cds what burner is right for you

Burning Your CDs- What Burner is Right for You? Before, owning a copy of your favorite artist would only mean buying either from a local music store or online music sites. And a copy with an average of 16-18 cuts would cost you at least $10. If you think this is reasonable, then consider yourself […]

Cell phone fraud

Cell Phone Fraud In today’s marketplace, there are so many cell phones and cell phone service providers that many consumers do not know one from another. This has led to the crime of cell phone fraud becoming more frequent. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) defines cell phone fraud as the unauthorized use, tampering, or manipulation […]

An informative feature on fta dishes

An Informative Feature on FTA Dishes Known as one of the most useful and advanced data receivers that show efficiency in decoding audio and video signals, Free-to-Air (FTA) dish features sophisticated interfaces that have the capacity to identify several kinds of data transmitter systems. Before installing and using such technology, it is beneficial to first […]

Wireless networks how do they perform

Wireless Networks: How Do They Perform? Wireless networks use radio waves instead of wires to transmit data between computers. Here’s how:The Binary Code: 1s and 0sIt’s well known that computers transmit information digitally, using binary code: ones and zeros. This translates well to radio waves, since those 1s and 0s can be represented by different […]

Dvd player buying guide

DVD Player Buying Guide If you are serious about enjoying your movies with great quality, then a DVD player is a must have. DVD players offer high quality connections for clear, crisp audio and video. But DVD players can do much more than play regular DVDs, so finding one with the features you want can […]