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Aroundme iphone application

AroundMe iPhone Application Have you ever been driving in an unfamiliar area when your fuel light came on, but you didn’t know where the nearest gas station might be? Or have you ever been vacationing and wanted something to eat but didn’t know where to go? Meet the AroundMe iPhone application. AroundMe works by quickly […]

Some information on bluetooth headphones

Some Information on Bluetooth Headphones Bluetooth headphones and accessories are one of the fastest growing trends in electronic technology today. Those little gadgets that fit snugly to the ear are fast becoming the hot piece of electronic equipment to own if you want to compete. This hands-free opportunity to communicate with other headphones, PDAs, laptops, […]

The top cell phone wallpaper themes

The Top 10 Cell Phone Wallpaper Themes The technology age is considered by many to be one of the most cold and impersonal. With communications devices that allow for so many people to interact without ever meeting face-to-face, this reputation might just be well earned. When it comes to cell phones, however, there are ways […]

Wimax upcoming wireless technology

Wimax – Upcoming Wireless Technology Open up New ways to minimize the distances between wireless networks WiMAX is the abbreviation of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. This new wireless technology is based on standards of IEEE 802.16, so to bring a greater broadband speed and to give a chance of cheap communication over the wireless […]

A new approach to software sales lead generation

A New Approach to Software Sales Lead Generation Sales VP’s and Directors at software and technology companies consistently bemoan the fact that the leads provided by their outsource lead generation companies are either weak or unsuitable. However, a new approach to IT lead generation has recently been launched by software marketing company «Ridge Consulting» which […]