A guide to buying dictaphones and digital voice recorder

A Guide to Buying Dictaphones and Digital Voice Recorder

Dictaphones or Digital Voice Recorder (DVR) are ideal for recording voice memos, interviews, conferences, meetings and telephone conversations. The term Dictaphone is a brand that refers to the version that uses cassette recorder, as opposed to the new digital recorders (DVR) that protect the memory audio.
Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)
? Use the USB port to save typing time by transferring audio files directly from your digital recorder to the computer
? With DVR, there is no need to rewind when you’re finished recording, simply press the play button to playback immediately
? Each audio file is saved on your DVR is automatically saved as a number with the time and date stamp
? The DVR is typically 2 to 5 images to separate audio for better organization
? Some DVR allows you to move messages between folders and Split or delete messages
? Does not cause a distraction during meetings or conferences to change the tapes and not miss anything important, while
? Some DVR came with software that automatically converts the voice of a plain text file transcript
? The new DVR has expandable memory and come with external memory cards. The edge that gives you greater flexibility in recording time and makes it easier to download the audio on your computer
? The DVR is normally fed by 1 or 2 AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries
Cassette Tape / Voice Recorder
? Choose from mini, micro or standard cassette, Mini (15 minutes per side), half the contents of the standard and micro (30 minutes per side)
? Cassette Tape Voice Recorder can be played on any player who assumes the respective sizes
? With digital is only a limited amount of space to store records (if you do not have external memory card) — whereas with a dictaphone tape you can simply swap tapes if you need more space
? The battery life is longer than a Dictaphone Digital Voice Recorder
? A voice recorder is a less expensive
? There is no possibility of storage in a digital dictaphone tapes
? Reusing tapes — you can buy a machine that automatically removes micro and mini cassettes
? Many are equipped with specific equipment for the recording of telephone conversations
Desktop or laptop Voice Recorder?
Desktop DVR or Dictaphones are generally less expensive and are ideal for recording telephone conversations or are used in combination with transcription software. There are many models of portable Dictaphones of various sizes and capacities, but all are ideal if you’re on the road or need a Dictaphone or DVR for the moment of inspiration.
Push Button or recorders Thumb Slide?
Button recorders generally have the ability to insert dictation, but can be very difficult to find the item you want. With the slide switch Thumb, it is much easier to review and control with the ability to review rewind, rewind, insert, play and stop.
What kind?
There are three levels of recording quality and different time of registration. The recording quality longer.
High Quality (HQ) — 43 min.
Short Play (SP) — 65 min.
Long Play (LP) — 121 min ca.
Display advertising in general, the longer recording time, so keep in mind that the voice recorder, or DVR to record less than half that level of quality. This is particularly important for the DVR, as the higher mode uses memory much more and do not want to be mid-term review meeting or an interview and find you’re out of memory.
There are generally two levels of sensitivity are available on a Dictaphone or DVR. Is low, the best for dictation, as the microphone tends to be unidirectional in this mode, and focus on your voice. High sensitivity to sound in all directions at the same time, such as unwanted background noise.
Dictaphones and Digital Voice Recorder: Other features to consider
? Voice Control System (VAS) — Voice recorder with VAS and DVR will automatically record when they hear the voice (or other sounds) without having to press buttons. This is ideal when your hands are tied.
? Alarm — to remind you to make a folder or a timer can be set to automatically record the time between two
? Microphone Cufflinks — to save the speakerphone
? headphones — to play so as not to disturb others
? Rechargeable batteries and a battery level indicator
? Microphones can be built or removable. If you want the voice recorder and digital recorder for recording quality as the music, then look for one with a microphone jack
? Speakers — most are built, but some models have removable speakers that can be used for presentations.
? digital archiving — just some more than others
? Hands free or control of the foot — Keep your hands free to type or play an instrument
? Automatic Back — automatically reverse the desired number of seconds to capture or playback
Transcribers & Docks
All digital transcription systems require the use of a pedal connected to the computer. This allows you to transcribe the dictation DVR or an audio source text, listening and typing a few seconds at a time.
Cots, is very easy to download files stored on your computer. Some docking station to recharge the batteries of the device, which is ideal if your Dictaphone is under high utilization.

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