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How do camcorders work

How Do Camcorders Work How a camcorder works is by recording audio and video and then saving those to a storage device, there by creating your own movies/videos and capturing life on video. Earlier models of camcorders only recorded to VHS videotapes, and they were so big and bulky that they had to be carted […]

How video chat started

How Video Chat Started Nowadays, most people use the internet and all its features. But the question is how did it all begin? Video chat is something that is becoming more and more popular because it allows the users to hear the voice of the other person and see them at the same time. If […]

Two top tips for powerpoint users

Two Top Tips For PowerPoint Users For those of us who regularly attend meetings and pitches that are dominated by PowerPoint presentations we might often feel as though we are drowning in a sea of slides. If you make use of PowerPoint for your presentations and you want, at all costs, to avoid having the […]

An introduction to digital light processing televisions

An Introduction to Digital Light Processing Televisions Over the years, technology has advanced so much that the improvements are mind staggering. One of the newest and best advances that has so many people excited is digital light processing. Invented in 1987, digital light processing has transformed the way that many items used for the home, […]

The history and future of verizon cellular phones

The History And Future Of Verizon Cellular Phones Verizon Communications Inc., is an American telecommunications and broadband provider most commonly known for Verizon Cell Phones. Before Verizon Cellular Phones were even a thought for most people, the company was still known as its original name, Bell Atlantic Corporation, one of the seven baby bells from […]