Архивы за месяц Май, 2009

Smb telephony unified communications ip telephony

SMB Telephony: Unified Communications, IP Telephony According to research by Springboard Research, adoption of unified communications in Australia is in the early stages of development. However the same survey, conducted with 469 CIO’s and business owners, also states 33% of SMB’s are planning on adopting some form of unified communications in 2009. Pundits agree the […]

The new time of computers wholesale

The New Time of Computers: Wholesale Computers have become the current televisions of the day. When I was in school, everyone’s house had a television. The wish was to boast a TV in each room of the house. These days, the equivalent is accurate with computers. Accordingly, how canwe remain up with fairly a pricey […]

Availing computer support over the internet

Availing Computer Support Over the Internet At times, you might have found your PC behaving weirdly without any apparent reason. This can turn into an irritating experience for you especially when you are in between any important work and have no idea where to go for help. In case you are still facing the same […]

Bridging time connecting lives history of video conferencing

Bridging Time, Connecting Lives: History Of Video Conferencing Once upon a time, video conferencing did not exist. If you want to speak to several people, you’d have to climb up the apex of a hill and loudly invite them to visit your cornfield. While therapeutic and easy, shouting can, nevertheless, be exhausting. Soon, people grew […]