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Spam history and prevalence

Spam: History and Prevalence The term Spam is thought to be derived from a Monte Python skit. But the fact that Spam makes up over 80 percent of emails sent isn’t that funny! A Monte Python sketch performed in 1970 references the British rationing during World War II. SPAM was one of the only meat […]

Does the computer age actually bring higher productivity

Does the Computer Age Actually Bring Higher Productivity? On March 21, 2005, Germany’s prestigious Ifo Institute at the University of Munich published a research report according to which «More technology at school can have a detrimental effect on education and computers at home can harm learning». It is a prime demonstration of the Solow Paradox.Named […]

Exactly voip voice over ip for beginners

Exactly VoIP 101: — Voice over IP for Beginners What is exactly VoIP?Most people are familiar with NetMeeting and other software that let you talk to others over the internet. VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is similar. However, it also uses your phone — the interface we are all familiar with.Instead of connecting your phone […]

Comparing lcd tvs and plasma tvs

Comparing LCD TVs and Plasma TVs One of the biggest concerns for television consumers is determining whether to purchase a Plasma or LCD flat screen television set. Various individuals may debate the value of performance of either a LCD or Plasma TV. Choosing between them really is a personal choice and you must find the […]

How do wireless networks perform

How Do Wireless Networks Perform? Wireless networks work using radio waves instead of wires to transmit data between computers. That’s the simple version. If you’re curious to know what’s going on in more detail, then it’s all explained in this article.Ones and Zeros.I’m sure you know that computers transmit data digitally, using binary: ones and […]