Архивы за месяц Декабрь, 2008

Experience free international calls service with jaxtr

Experience Free International Calls Service with Jaxtr Jaxtr as well all know is one of the largest and most innovative social communications companies in the world. Recently it has announced Jaxtr on the Go that offers users to make calls at low rates to any mobile or landline phones in the world. The best part […]

Create your own search engine

Create Your Own Search Engine Google has recently announced their latest product, the Google Custom Search Engine, enabling anyone to build their very own vertical search engine. This new product can be compared to Eurekster, Yahoo! Search Builder, or Rollyo. What makes this product unique is that it is built upon Google’s highly successful search […]

Free and low cost pc offers the catch

Free and Low Cost Pc Offers – the Catch Bundled Services «Free» or «low-cost» PC offers often require «bundled» Internet service contracts, which may last up to three years. In return for signing up for Internet service, you can get as much as a $400 rebate on the computer purchase. While some of these offers […]

How to install a flat screen tv wall mount

How To Install A Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installing a flat screen TV wall mount is not a hard job if you’re pretty handy with your tools. Flat screen TVs are great because they can be placed anywhere in the house; they don’t have all that stuff on the back of the screen that […]

Choosing your hotel room reservation software

Choosing Your Hotel Room Reservation Software If your hotel has more than a handful of rooms, the chances are that you’ll have noticed the shortcomings of the traditional pencil and reservations book approach. Sure, it can work, but it’s a pain in the neck to erase all the old information and enter the new booking […]