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A buying guide to choosing between avaya and cisco phones

A Buying Guide to Choosing Between Avaya and Cisco Phones When you’re in a business there is a need to communicate. The need for communication becomes more important and more expensive as your business expands. You think long and hard about this, and you’ve considered many different possibilities. You might have even considered using a […]

How to choose the right unified communications solution for your office

How to Choose the Right Unified Communications Solution For Your Office Telecommunication has been a part of business for a very long time, not without good reason either. Originally telephones were barely useful in business, only allowing limited connectivity between parties. Setup by an operator, privacy on calls was never assured and as such it […]

Sprint cell phones why is my signal bad

Sprint Cell Phones: Why Is My Signal Bad? Whether signal interference is on Sprint Cell Phones, T-Mobile Cell Phones or on another phone it is always a nuisance, no matter where you are. Having a few signal bars and dropped calls is normal for a lot of people that use mobile devices on a regular […]